About us

Empowering Progress, Inspiring Solutions: Our Commitment to Stakeholder Success

Establishing enduring connections founded on performance and trust.

Sanchay Finvest Limited  is one of India’s leading financial market services company, providing a bouquet of capital market services including securities broking, advisory,  equity research, derivative, trading, and IPO distribution. We offer the aforementioned services via our on-line and off-line distribution channels.

Naresh Kumar Sharma
Founder and Chairman of Sanchay Financial Group of companies

4 Core Values

The key decision-making criteria for all Sanchay Fincom employees

  • Client First Sanchay Finvest Limited is dedicated to our clients' success; their accomplishments shape ours. We foster lasting relationships by implementing proven investment strategies..
  • Teamwork Sanchay Finvest Limited thrives through mutual respect, fostering success for all. Our goal is to establish a genuine meritocracy, where talent and achievement are recognized, and opportunities are equally accessible.
  • Objectivity We objectively evaluate each investment opportunity with complete impartiality. Our independence distinguishes us and ensures decisions align with our clients' needs.
  • Citizenship At Sanjay Finvest Limited, we acknowledge our responsibilities as a conscientious corporate entity. Striving to be a good corporate citizen, we aspire to contribute to and engage in various community initiatives.

Our strength

Our strength lies in top-tier research and a cohesive team, ensuring high-quality outcomes and client satisfaction in every project

Quality Research

Our in-house research team is one of the finest in the industry, showcasing unparalleled expertise and a track record of excellence in the financial markets.

Team Work

Our committed, sizable team collaborates to achieve a shared goal. We communicate in English and vernacular languages for effective collaboration

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